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Customer Satisfaction is our primary goal.

Since TOKU was founded in 1955, our primary goal was to supply reliable quality products. Today, TOKU is seeking customer satisfaction. as the primary goal for our company. Customer satifaction has various factors but the most important element is the quality and service of products.

We understand that our most popular products have been impropved and dveloped through customer input and needs . We therefore should feel the voices from the market are essential and needed to improve and develop new products.
The key issue is how quickly we can turn the customers opinion and ideas into the reality. As a result, it is important that the sales and marketing team works closely
with the manufacturing side to reach a common goal of customer satisfaction.

Our job is not only to deliver products which match the market needs but to also
support the products which have been delilvered with good manuals and literature.
This information is essential for customer satisfaction since these customers will continue to use our products for many years to come.

Historic Outline of Toku Pneumatic Co.,Ltd

Establishment: Feb 1955
Capital(paid): JPY 200Million
Representative Director: President Kotonori Nagatomi
Employees: 70

Feb 1955:
Established Toei Trading Co.,Ltd in Osaka separating from the sales department of TOKU Pneumatic Tool MFG Co.,Ltd.

Apr 1958:
Changed the company name to TOKU Pneumatic Co.,Ltd. and moved the head office to Fukuoka city as well as the sales office established in Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo.

Apr 1962:
Established sales office in Hiroshima and Sapporo.

Apr 1964:
Established sales office in Nagoya.

Oct 1973:
The international devision of TOKU Pneumatic Tool MFG moved to TOKU Pneumatic Co.,Ltd. Established the new main office for international division and as of the head office for domestic department in Tokyo. As a result TOKU Pneumatic Co.,Ltd had the international devision and the separation of sales and manufacturing completed within TOKU organization.

Oct 1975:
Established a joint venture with Chicago Pneumatic Tool company; world's largest pneumatic tool manufacturer.

Mar 1977:
Moved the head office of TOKU Pneumatic from Tokyo to Fukuoka.

Aug 1978:
Established Tohoku sales office in Sendai (northern Japan). With this 7th opening office TOKU covered all area of Japan geographically and completed the expansion of sales net.

Jan 1990:
Moved the international division from Tokyo to Fukuoka and named International operations.

Apr 2002:
Established Shanghai Toku International Co.,Ltd in Shanghai in China for expanding hydraulic breakers sales in China as 100% owned by Toku Pneumatic Co.,Ltd.

May 2005:
TOKU Pneumatic Co.,Ltd was certified ISO-14001for Head office site.

Jun 2008
Establised Shanghai TOKU Manufacturing Co.,Ltd in Shanghai in China for making brackets of hydraulic breakers.

Apr 2010
TOKU America,Inc.(TAI) was established in Willoughby, Ohio USA for the purpose of strengthening the sales of hydraulic breakers and fulfiling local services demand in the USA. Their breakers are called "Striker Breakers".
TAI covers the whole America (Noth and South) for TOKU's hydraulic attachments.

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ProfileCompany Profile
TOKUToku Pneumatic Co.,Ltd Head Office
Shanhai China2002 Established Shanghai TOKU TOKU's first Overseas Branch
Ohio USATOKU America,Inc. was established in Willoughby, Ohio USA.
Main PlantSaga Main Plant Air Breakers, Hoists
Hirokawa PlantHirokawa Plant Parts manufacturing
Kishima PlantKishima Plant Grinders, Large Impact Wrenches
Kamimine PlantKamimine Plant Hydraulic Breakers
Kiyama PlantKiyama Plant