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TOKU's Activity for Environment

Environmental Policy

  • 1. We will build a deep awareness that environmental conservation is a corporate social responsibility, and promote environmental conservation activities to the extent possible technically and economically.
  • 2. We will always consider the environmental impact caused by our business activities and continuously strive to reduce the environmental burden.
  • 3. We will work to provide environmentally friendly products and services to our customers in the world.
  • 4. We will work to reduce waste through energy saving, resource-saving, and recycling activities in order to make the best use of limited earth resources.
  • 5. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations, set voluntary standards as necessary, and work to reduce environmental burdens.
  • 6. We will work to continuously improve and enhance our environmental management system by establishing an organization to promote environmental conservation activities and conducting environmental audits,
  • 7. We will raise our consciousness of environmental conservation and work together to protect the environment.

Registration of Environmental Management System

As a group, including manufacturing company, we achieved international certification of ISO14001 for environmental management.

  • ▸Certified standard: ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System
  • ▸Certificate Number: EMS 89393
  • ▸Original Registration Date: February 17th, 2005
  • ▸Latest Revision Date: September 3rd, 2022
  • ▸Expiry Date: September 18th, 2025
EMS Certificate