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Quality first is the policy we will challenge in this globalized market

In 1937, the imagination to become the "Largest pneumatic tool manufacturer in the East" is today a worldwide representative manufacturer for pneumatic tools.
Earnestly, since the founding of our company, the policy of quality first has always been our spirit for manufacturing and we continue to make strong efforts in this area. Always trying to understand the market needs and period, making continuous changes and improvements to our products have resulted in this position.
Also, from the context of manufacturing we have introduced the most advanced technology and equipment in order to move ahead with automation and to make our best efforts to balance the 3 elements of quality, price and supply.
All manufacturing facilities have obtained the international standard of quality control ISO 9000 series and in addition have obtained the Environmental standard of ISO14000 series.In addition, a learning center "Terakoya" was established within the main factory to develop and improve on technological developments. Making such continuous and tireless efforts to improve on the technical side.
In this age of continuous globalization of markets and products, Toku will continue to pass on the founded traditions of manufacturing by combining staff and technology to develop and rapidly progress into the upcoming future.
We appreciate the continued support and patronage for Toku by our customers for the upcoming future.


  • Establishment: Feb. 1955
  • Capital(paid): JPY 200 million
  • Representative Director: President Kazuyoshi Tsuge
  • Employees: 85
Toku Pneumatic headquarter image

Toku Pneumatic headquarter


  • Feb. 1955
  • Established Toei Trading Co., Ltd. in Osaka separating from Toku Pneumatic Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd. Sales Dept.
  • Apr. 1958
  • Changed the company name to Toku Pneumatic Co., Ltd. and moved the head office to Reizen-Cho in Fukuoka also established sales offices in Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo.
  • Apr.1962
  • Established sales offices in Hiroshima and Sapporo.
  • Apr. 1964
  • Established sales office in Nagoya.
  • Oct.1973
  • Moved the International Div. from Toku Pneumatic Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd. to Toku Pneumatic Co., Ltd. Established a facility in Tokyo and at the same time, established the head quarter for the sales department in Tokyo. At this point, the domestic sales department and international division became one company. This development completely separated the manufacturing side and sales side within the company. The capital for Toku Pneumatic Co., Ltd. was increased to Yen100 million.
  • Oct. 1975
  • Established a joint venture with the worlds largest pneumatic tool manufacturer, Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company at the same time increased its capital to Yen200 million.
  • Mar. 1977
  • Moved the headquarters to the current address.
  • Aug. 1978
  • Established Tohoku sales office. For the domestic market, this became the 7th sales office establishing a complete sales and service organization.
  • Jan. 1990
  • Moved the international division from Tokyo to Fukuoka Headquarters. Changed the name to International Operations. Also, developed the sales headquarters.
  • Jan. 1997
  • Established offices in Morioka and Takamatsu.
  • Apr. 2002
  • Established 100% subsidiary company called, Shanghai TOKU International Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China.
  • Apr. 2010
  • Established Toku America Inc. in the suburb of Cleveland OH USA.
  • Jul. 2015
  • Toku America set up West Coast Branch in Los Angeles.

Toku Group Factory

Nakabaru plant (head plant)

Nakabaru plant image


  •  ▪ Small hydraulic breaker
  •  ▪ Construction pneumatic tool
  •  ▪ Air chain hoist

Minobaru plant

Minobaru plant image


  •  ▪ Hydraulic breaker
  •  ▪ Air winch

Kishima plant

Kishima plant image


  •  ▪ Impact wrench
  •  ▪ Grinder
  •  ▪ Manipulator

Hirokawa plant

Hirokawa plant image


  •  ▪ Impact wrench
  •  ▪ Components

Kiyama plant

Kiyama plant image


  •  ▪ Composite parts
  •  ▪ Other components

Yamada Iron Works

Yamada Iron Works image


  •  ▪ Chipping hammer
  •  ▪ Drill, grinder, hammer, etc